Mozilla contributor creates diabetes project for the masses

My open source story started in high school as a student. I always considered myself to be a hacker—not the malicious type, but the curious type who liked to tinker…

The tar command explained

The Linux tar command is the swiss army of the Linux admin when it comes to archiving or distributing files. Gnu Tar archives can contain multiple files and directories, file…

Vinux Enhances Productivity for Visually Impaired Users

Vinux 5.0 is a striking example of the flexibility and usability of the Linux OS. Vinux is a fully functional Linux distro that caters to blind and partially sighted users….


Sabayon 15.11 KDE: hot, hotter and burnt

Sabayon is a distribution not famous among majority of Linux fans. Although, it still has a decent army of followers. It is in Top 30 of distributions, according to Distrowatch….

Distribution Release: Netrunner 17

The developers of Netrunner, a Kubuntu-based Linux distribution with useful extras such as Java, Flash and multimedia codecs, have announced the launch of Netrunner 17. The new release features a…

How to create an Ubuntu package from source

Building from source has never been the most popular choice of the less experienced Linux users who are always in the seek for a pre-built package. This is especially the…

How to customise your Linux desktop: Gnome 3

Next in my series of columns on customising Linux is the Gnome 3 desktop — this one is very different from Xfce and KDE Latest topics for ZDNet in Linux

Distribution Release: CRUX 3.2

Juergen Daubert has announced the release of CRUX 3.2, the latest stable build of the project’s lightweight, x86-64 optimised Linux distribution designed for experienced Linux users: “The CRUX team is…


Two Steam machines come to market, a review of SteamOS, and more open gaming news

Hello, open gaming fans! In this week’s edition, we take a look at Valve brings open source gaming console, Knight Squad and Hard West games launch, SteamOS performance concerns, and…


Top 5: Open stickers, 3 alternatives to Google Maps API, and more

In this week’s Top 5, we highlight a Linux story, an indoor digital heater that uses computing power, the annual holiday gift guide, 3 open source alternatives to Google…