Distribution Release: LinuxConsole 2.5

Yann Le Doare has announced a new release of LinuxConsole. a lightweight, independent distribution whose editions feature the LXDE and MATE desktop environments. The new release, LinuxConsole 2.5, features version 4.1 of the Linux kernel, offers support for booting on UEFI-enabled hardware and includes many games. The 32-bit…. DistroWatch.com: News

Development Release: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta

Red Hat has announced the release of a new development release of the company’s flagship product, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The new development snapshot, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Beta, is now available to Red Hat’s customers for testing. The new beta features smart card authentication for Active…. DistroWatch.com: News

25 Years of Linux: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Happy Birthday Linux! You’re 25! When Linux was born on Aug. 25, 1991, it was little more than a hobby for then 21-year old Linus Torvald. Today the Linux community is estimated to be upwards of 86 million users strong. It has become the backbone of large enterprises, and it is installed in government systems… Read More »

25 things to love about Linux

Today marks 25 years of Linux, the most successful software ever. At LinuxCon this week, Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation spoke words of admiration, praise, and excitement from the keynote stage, saying “Linux at 25 is a big thing” and “You can better yourself while bettering others at the same time.” read more Opensource.com

How long have you been using Linux?

The Linux community is made up people who have been users for days, months, years, and even decades. How long have you been a Linux user? read more Opensource.com

The Queue: How did you discover Linux?

Welcome to The Queue, a new Q&A column I’ll be writing for Opensource.com. Although typically I will be answering questions from readers, sometimes I’ll switch that around and ask readers a question. With Linux turning 25 today, I thought it would be interesting to see how we all discovered the operating system. I’ll start. read… Read More »

Almost open: BIOS and firmware update tips for Linux users

I suppose I’m lucky in that for more than 10 years my primary work environment has been Linux-based, yet all to often I’ve been forced to dig out a DOS or Windows image because I need to patch some BIOS device firmware. These days I don’t own anything than has a valid Windows license, and… Read More »

Linux rules the world. Where to next?

On the back of some significant improvements in the last year and a half, Linux is now the model for software development. Latest topics for ZDNet in Linux

Latest Slackware Version Doesn’t Cut Newbies any Slack

Slackware is one of those Linux distros often described as being difficult to use. The Slackware Project version 14.2 released on July 1 does little to change that view — at least, as far as installing it is concerned. Its KDE desktop is probably the most contemporary trait. Other than an update under the hood,… Read More »